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From tacos and nachos to margaritas, we satisfy your cravings for authentic homemade Mexican foods served with nothing but all-Mexican environment and characteristics. Using only fresh aromatic ingredients, Amigos Authentic Mexican Restaurant delivers flavorful kick wrapped in colorful presentation. Bringing you myriads of chilies for hot spicy pleasure and best selection of tequilas, we combine the best from Northern and Southern regions of Mexico in one place. Every special touch from every region for tacos and tamales is preserved, taking you to the genuine experience of Mexican cuisine taste.

We came up with a simple idea that Amigos Authentic Mexican Restaurant must incorporate the ingredients and cooking techniques of Mayan Indians and Aztec originated from all over the world to create unmistakable authentic Mexican flavors.

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Amigos Authentic Mexican Restaurant has something to offer to groups of all ages. Regardless of the occasions, we have the right package for your group dining event with additional services as you wish. It is a perfect location for birthday parties, wedding parties, anniversary, celebrations, or simple hanging out with friends and colleagues while poured with rich taste of our authentic Mexican cuisine. With extensive menu of starters, mains, desserts, and wide variety of drinks, Amigos Authentic Mexican Restaurant adds unforgettable mix of flavors for your unforgettable gathering. Group Dining is available for advance booking.







For any event and party where authentic Mexican foods and atmosphere of home are must-have, Amigos Authentic Mexican Restaurant can bring the joy to your place. Our full catering service includes:

  • A great number of menu options for every occasion and taste
  • Your favorite fajitas prepared on-site with fresh cuts of beef and all-Mexican style ingredients
  • Catering manger on-site to deliver excellent personalized service for your needs
  • Catering service to provide authentic Mexican foods for more than 30 people

We understand that foods and beverages play major roles in your event, but everything else including decoration, buffet, utensils, plates, dishes, and napkins must complement the whole theme. To do all of those, our team arrives at the designated site an hour before the determined serving time. Everything related to food preparation is our responsibility, leaving you with nothing to do but enjoy the fun.









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We are delighted to be given the chance to preserve the authenticity of Mexican recipes, but we are proud of o urabilities to absorb influences from worldwide recipes, and make perfect combinations without losing our Mexican identity. Amigos Authentic Mexican Restaurant stands out from the crowd with our modern take of cooking techniques and blends of ingredients to create impeccable combination of flavor that enhances the already enjoyable traditional authentic Mexican cuisine.
Our highly experienced chefs have taken Mexican foods to the next level by using fresh produce and fresh meat and prepared on-site. The choices of ingredients are in perfect match for Authentic Mexican food, allowing you to dive deep in pleasure with every single visit, every single bite.

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